The Boston Bar Association Public Interest Leadership Program

Boston Bar Association pic
Boston Bar Association

University of Chicago graduate Scott Kafker is an experienced legal practitioner who taught at the Boston College Law School from 2009 to 2015. He served as an associate justice of the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 2001 until he was appointed the court’s chief justice in 2015. Based in Boston, Scott Kafker is a member of the Boston Bar Association (BBA).

The BBA includes many of the best and brightest law practitioners in Boston, and has a distinguished history.

The BBA’s mission is to advance the standards of excellence in the profession and enhance the accessibility of justice among those who seek it. The association also aims to serve the community at large and does this through several initiatives, including the Public Interest Leadership Program.

The BBA’s Public Interest Leadership Program was conceptualized in 2002 by Chief Judge Mark Wolf and then-BBA president Michael Keating, both of whom saw the need for young lawyers to take on leadership roles in their communities. Since its inception, the program has successfully attracted early-career lawyers with a demonstrated commitment to public service and pro bono work.

The program lasts 14 months, during which participants attend meetings and events where they work with community leaders. During these interactions, young lawyers learn the difficulties experienced by local organizations, which encourages them to participate in efforts to address community needs.


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