About Scott Kafker

Scott Kafker

A member of the Massachusetts Appeals Court since 2001, Scott Kafker took his current role as Chief Justice in 2015 following his appointment by Governor Charles L. Baker. Guiding the second-highest court in the state, Scott Kafker emphasizes the need to provide “fair and wise” decisions. He is also focused on ensuring that the court keeps up with the latest developments in technology.

Chief Justice Kafker’s past experience includes responsibilities as chief legal counsel with the Massachusetts Port Authority. He also served as Deputy Chief Legal Counsel to Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld in the early 1990s. Prior to entering government service he was in private practice at Foley, Hoag & Elliot. He is a longtime member of the Boston Bar Association and the Massachusetts Bar Association and the American Law Institute.

Well published in his field, Chief Justice Kafker has authored approximately 1,000 judicial opinions. He has also written articles and book reviews in areas such as employment law, administrative law, and state constitutional law. He is an expert on state constitutions particularly initiatives and referendums where he has co-authored articles such as The Eye of a Constitutional Storm: Pre-Election Review by the State Judiciary of Initiative Amendments to State Constitutions (2012) Michigan State Law Review 1279-1329) and Standing at a Constitutional Divide: Redefining State and Federal Requirements for Initiatives after Hollingsworth v. Perry, 71 Washington and Lee Law Review 229-303 (2014).